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Sep 30, 2013 12:00am EDT
modest yet hard to believe. words that say britain can be better than this. we are britain. we are better than that in this. are you satisfied with a country where people are working harder for less year after year? are you satisfied with a country which shuts out the voices of millions of ordinary people and listens only to the powerful? are you satisfied with a country standing apart? i am not satisfied. we are britain. we are better than this. we have to rebuild. and economy built on your success. a society based on your values. rich and poor alike, accepting your responsibility we are going to make it happen. today i am going to tell you how. i want to start with leadership. it is about those lonely moments when you have to peer deep into your soul. i believed labor needed to turn the page and i was the best person to do it. when i became leader i faced a decision about whether we should stand up to rupert murdoch. it wasn't what had been done in the past, but it was the right right thing to do. [applause] together we faced him down. the other week i faced a different decision
Sep 22, 2013 9:00pm EDT
cable or satellite provider. next, britain's deputy prime minister nick clegg speaks to party members during their annual on conference in glasgow, scotland. in his remarks, he talks about the party custom current achievements and how the party will move forward. this is one hour. [applause] >> if you think the new party looks like the old alliance, you are right. a fair, free society. in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community. >> it is set of our determination to bring self- government to scotland and wales and true democracy to britain, the return of power to the people, to create a citizens democracy. we are right. >> all people share the same basic rights. down --arriage to face the courage to face down. we champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals. will stand up above all else for social justice. we have to give a voice to the disadvantaged and displaced. >> we are committed to fight poverty, oppression, hunger, ignorance, disease. shouldhouse of commons be given the right of a vote on whether our forces should be sent
Sep 8, 2013 12:30am EDT
biographical cameos which explains why britain lost america and of course among the list of characters had to be george iii the last king of america who shared the belief of many of his countrymen that britain would cease to be a great power that lost america. he was not responsible for the policies that led to the american revolution but he became the leading war hawk and he refused to negotiate with opposition leaders who are committed to withdraw from america. writing at the time of the second world war cambridge and herbert butterfield described him as being almost churchillian bowing that he would never surrender whilst any 10 men in the kingdom would stand by him. he fought for sacrifice. we must stretch every nerve to defend ourselves. we must run some risks for if we are to play -- ruin will inevitably ensue. this i think response to one of the great myths of both the american revolution that british did not care. they care deeply. this was one of the still myths of american history one of the longest in british history. they made a very determined effort to recover this countr
Sep 23, 2013 12:00am EDT
our determination to bring self- government to scotland and wales and true democracy to britain, the return of power to the people, to create a citizens democracy. we are right. >> all people share the same basic rights. >> the courage to face down. >> we champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals. >> we will stand up above all else for social justice. we have to give a voice to the disadvantaged and displaced. >> we are committed to fight poverty, oppression, hunger, ignorance, disease. >> the house of commons should be given the right of a vote on whether our forces should be sent into battle. >> the quest for freedom and justice can never end. >> we stand for three things, freedom, fairness and trust. isn't it a in absolute disgrace, the poorest 20% are contributing more of their income in tax than the top richest one percent. money back in the pockets of the poorest working families. >> we have determined to strengthen the democratic process and ensure there is a just and representative system of government. >> it is over. >> the liberal democrats have the courag
Sep 25, 2013 10:00am EDT
. and if we spent the same amount of money on health care that canada or france or great britain did or japan or any other industrialized country with the same outcomes or better outcomes, that essentially would remove our structural deficit. which would then free up dollars for us to invest in early childhood education and infrastructure and medical research and all the other things that can make sure that we are competitive and growing rapidly over the long term. so my view, when i came into office was, we have an immediate crisis. we have to get the economy going. but we have to start tackling some of the structural problems that have been building up for years. one of the biggest structural problems was health care. it's what accounts for our deficit. it's what accounts for our debt. it causes pain and misery to millions of people all across the country. it is a huge burden on our businesses. i was at a ford plant in missouri and making the f series out there. it's a big stamping plant. ford is now the biggest seller in the united states. we took that lead back from the japanese aut
Sep 5, 2013 2:30pm PDT
britain, of course. >> prime minister, you have been the leading advocate of action against syria, yet you find yourself in negotiations essentially with no hand to play. >> i don't think so. onis right to make a stand it is right to take that to parliament and respect parliament, but britain, apart from not taking part in military action, britain will be leading the discussion on humanitarian aid and bringing forward plans for a peace process for syria. the prime minister says more evidence is emerging that chemical weapons were used in damascus. the government's research laboratory has found deadly sarin gas in the soil. david cameron first urged president obama to intervene in syria's civil war. he is deeply frustrated that britain, unlike france, will not take art in any military action. 4000 miles away, in new york, the talk is not about what britain will or will not do. america's ambassador to the united nations launched this verbal assault against russia. the wake of the flagrant shattering of the international norms against chemical weapons use, russia continues to hold the cou
Sep 28, 2013 6:00pm EDT
great britain? >> guest: that was my choice and i wanted a really short snappy title. i think i was influenced by simon schama's book on the french revolution called "citizens." and so, "peacemakers" was what i chose. when the americans bought it, they weren't that keen on it. they thought it seemed a bit bland and my editor said any way, she said anything with paris in the title sells really well in north america, so that's what we went with and actually i have to admit i think it's a good title and i love the cover. c-span: what's the time frame for this book? >> guest: time frame, it covers really six months in 1919. it has a bit of what happened before and it has a lot of what happened afterwards, but what i really look at is the intense period of the paris peace conference, which technically lasted for over a year. but the really intense period was when all the world leaders were there and that was from january to june, 1919. c-span: now, did you go to paris and go to the hotels and the different places where meetings were held into versailles? >> guest: i did. i went to paris
Sep 16, 2013 12:30pm PDT
. let's take a look at what is coming up today -- disputed area. why spain and britain are fighting over iraq. if he did athletes -- why -- defeated athletes. let's start with romania. a man is facing charges of genocide for the first time since the romanian dictator was found guilty of genocide and executed more than 20 years ago. this time, the defendant is a former prison guard who is said to have committed cruelty stirring the communist era decades ago. it's the first time that romania's justice system is actually tackling this chapter of the country's past. >> the sounds of footsteps in this corridor or are still familiar. for 12 years, he was imprisoned in a tiny cell and a notorious prison. opposed the romanian regime. all of that is 50 years ago now, but he remembers every day of it . >> they were animals. they humiliated us, kicked us with their boots, beat us with clubs for no reason. between 1957 and 1958, we were tortured every day. >> the animals he means our men like this one -- a former prison boss, now 88 years old. he's the first romanian prison worker to be tried f
Sep 6, 2013 6:30pm PDT
britain over data protections. the revelations keep coming in. merkel's job boost his ratings after the televised debate. >> the summit has come to an end with no movement on the crisis in syria. the u.s. and russia are as far apart as ever. >> a possible military strike against the regime. russia is dead against it and only france looks to actually join any military action. >> congress will soon have its say. obama is warning that diplomacy has become paralyzed. >> the differences over serious seem to spill over into the traditional family photo. seldom has the group appeared so uneasy with vladimir putin keeping the event as brief as possible. barack obama highlighted the frustration that the rejection of a military response to the use of chemical weapons in syria. >> the international community is paralyzed and frozen. if it doesn't act, the norm begins to unravel. and if that norm unravels, other norms and prohibitions start unraveling and it makes for a more dangerous world. >> only france openly backs his demands for a military strike on syria. >> a military strike cannot solv
Sep 9, 2013 12:00am EDT
to take a very tough response to things like chemical weapons attacks. i accept that britain can't be part and won't be part of any military action on that front. givest not in any degree up our utter repulsion of the chemical weapons attacks we have seen and we must press this point in every form in which we can. >> nobody disagrees with our revulsion at the use of chemical weapons. the question is how to deal with thenow the thing i said to prime minister is that given the difficulties of giving direct -- of getting direct talks moving between the syrian government and the opposition where there isn't a case for getting the regional partners involved. we all know the role iran has played in fueling this conflict. but given the successful diplomacy involved in talking with those whom we profoundly disagree, what is the government's position on iran participating, either as a contact group or part of the geneva process? >> at the foreign secretary said yesterday he will be meeting with the iranian foreign minister when he is in new york for the general assembly. but let us not forg
Sep 1, 2013 9:00pm EDT
. >> the prospect of britain taking military action against syria was the topic of debate this past week in the british house of commons. prime minister david cameron met with the house of commons to outline military intervention saying there was little doubt syria used chemical weapons. members eventually voted 285-2782 not to move forward with military force. up next, some of that debate between the prime minister and other members of the house of commons. this is just over an hour. >> the british house rejected a proposal for the response to syria. mr. cameron had recalled parliament to outline the basis for military action, saying it was beyond doubt that the syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people and that the uk cannot stand aside. >> we begin with members of the house motion, motion number 1. the leader of the house to move the motion. thank you. we have a summary of the government's legal position, making it explicit that no action would have a legal basis at the moment. we have the legal basis from the joint intelligence committee. e have a motion from the go
Al Jazeera America
Sep 2, 2013 8:00am EDT
, britain said it would not participate, now germany opting out. the german chancellor and her opponent in the country's upcoming election both vowed they would not act without the u.n. security council signing off. that leaves the u.s. to seek support from turkey and france. we go overseas for reaction from the u.k. aljazeera's phillip itner is in london. what's the feeling over there? >> morgan, in public here in great britain, the mood on the street is against any kind of activity. we saw that reflected in the vote last week in parliament. there has been some political clamoring here for a second vote, but deputy prime minister has come out and said the people have spoken, parliament has spoken. we're not taking this to a second vote. there also some significant outside event, outside of great britain, unless something happens, it's unlikely the brits will be involved in any kind of military strike. >> in france, there's going to be a debate, but as many as 2/3 of the french people are against a military freak. but the president that it within his mandate under the constitut
Al Jazeera America
Sep 6, 2013 7:00am EDT
heading to france and britain. we hear that a consensus has been reached with the e.u. fortune ministers that asued did indeed order the use of chemical weapons for the attack, the august 21 attack. tell us more about that. >> that's right. i think there's growing consensus, no official statement has come out yet. those talks are just getting started. the consensus does seem to be growing that it was the regime behind those attacks in the damascus suburb on august 21 that sparked this crisis. that, however, is not the biggest issue, perhaps in lithuania. that will be what will be the response, what is the international community going to do about it. the europeans remain reluctant to authorize or support military strike. france stands out pretty much alone on that matter within the e.u. the turks within nato are also calling r. calling for action, but the europeans are very reluctant about going into this militarily. there are strong calls for a diplomatic response, some sort of pressure on the assad regime. exactly what that would be is unclear, but again, some strong divisions about wh
Sep 23, 2013 2:30pm PDT
? they have been able to cross over into kenya and attack uganda. attracted a number from britain and the u.s.. they publicized their attacks. sending to we are the government is and always has been -- >> [inaudible] questions will be asked. the authorities will talk about this country's security system. it won't be an easy division. >> among the ranks of the volunteers, 50 are believed to come from britain. some may eventually return to this country. trial in kenya for possession of explosives. another has been on the run from authorities. gecko a strictnt islamic state in somalia. three years ago, they carried out a double suicide bombing to punish uganda. movement that want to see joe hot phot inside of somalia, it is about what happens in somalia. there are other terrorist networks throughout the middle east. >> they have hit the most powerful country where it hurts. hows exposing just tolerable it is. he served as coordinator of counterterrorism at the u.s. state department until last year. >> when you look at islamic extremist groups, how dangerous are they act no -- is al shaba
Sep 27, 2013 12:00pm EDT
known in britain as a white widow. there is speculation about her possible involvement in the deadly attack on the westgate mall in kenya. morning, police have opened up some of the roads running close to the mall, a sign they are making progress and sources tell us that investigators are finding so many explosives in the mall they believe the plan was to bring the entire building down, a british woman may have been involved in the attack. as investigators piece together what happened, interpol has issued a global arrest warrant for this woman, samantha luthwaite, known in britain as the white widow. her first husband was one of the suicide bombers who attacked london in 2005 killing 52. shortly after, a pregnant luthwaite denounced the attack. within a short time later, she slipped out of england under a fake passport. now she is wanted for allegedly plotting to attack tourist results in kenya. police discovered explosives in a home she shared with another terror suspect. days after the mall was seized, the question is whether there is a connection. she has already been linked to al
Sep 26, 2013 5:30pm PDT
reports a surprising discovery. it's making headlines in britain-- airline pilots admit they'd fallen asleep in the cockpit. we'll talk to captain "sully" sullenberger. and want a salad with that burger? jim axelrod talks to the c.e.o. of mcdonald's on his bid to make america a healthier place. >> we think we can be part of the solution. captioning sponsored by cbs ponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there are major developments tonight on two crises that threaten to drag the united states into war. a deal has just been struck to head off an american airstrike against syria, and there is a big step forward in talks on iran's nuclear program. re happening late today at the united nations, and secretary of state john kerry is in the middle of all of it. kerry sat down with us today for a "60 minutes" interview. he revealed that the united states will remove the major stumbling block that was holding up a deal on syria's chemical weapons. the u.s. had wanted to put teeth in that deal with the threat of military force, somethin
Al Jazeera America
Sep 1, 2013 1:00pm EDT
about great britain britain and the fact that the international coalition is not unified behind this? did that have anything to do with the president deciding to put this in the hands of congress? >> del, what we are hearing is that the president was very concerned about the u.s. looking isolated, feeling that the lack of a coalition could be a problem going forward. if they wanted to further legitmize the process by going to congress. >> paul beban joining us live from washington. thank you very much. >>> here to discuss the waiting period, the wait and see and how all of this waiting could affect u.s. military action is jill wal walsh, an expert on international execute and a researcher in mit in the field of security. thanks for being with us >> thank you for being here. >> we have been here so many times before. we go back to leach war 2 coming to the shores and being turned away. there was bosnia and the situation in rwanda. it seems like when war comes to the united states on a conscious level and not necessarily the water's edge, we are hesitant to get involved. >> understanda
Al Jazeera America
Sep 1, 2013 5:00am EDT
happenened in iraq. unless it's changed in britain in the last decade it's much poorer. there's a big debate whether britain should be providing aid to foreign countries and all of it lends to a debate which sends the people here said that britain shouldn't be doing all these things and it look after itself a bit more. i think politicians here need to start understanding that a little bit better at the moment because they have been so surprise peud the way the parliament voted here pup i think it will be very surprise bid the numbers in this polling as well. >> thanks so much. >>> radiation at the tank holding contaminated water at japan's fukushima nuclear fold is 18-fold. there's enough radiation to kill an exposed person in just four hours. the high readings of radiation were recorded at the same tank. earlier i spoke to a former nuclear scientist where the iraq atomic energy commission. he said the radiation leak is extremely serious. >> it's a problem. a big problem. they have 1040 othey have 1060 . it's going in to the sea and in the pacific ocean and the only people that ha
Sep 26, 2013 7:00pm EDT
al-shabaab. in britain she's known as the "white widow." she's the widow of one of the suicide bombers in the 2005 london transit bombings. now, she's thought to have resurfaced here after disappearing from britain somewhere in this region between somalia and kenya. it's career the clear the kenyan authorities want to speak to her but there was no mention of the attack at the westgate mall in the request to interpol. >> pelley: now to news and science. scientists working with the united nations have been poring over data on climate and greenhouse gases. their report is due out tomorrow. but anyone expecting it to show steadily rising air temperatures could be in for a surprise. here's mark phillips. >> reporter: another inconvenient truth has emerged on the way to the apocalypse. the new u.n. report on climate change is expected to blame manmade greenhouse gases more than ever for global warming but there's a problem. the global atmosphere hasn't been warming lately. for decades, as the amount of carbon dioxide being few spooud into the atmosphere went up, the top line on this
Sep 16, 2013 2:00pm PDT
within britain and europe-- in germany where hitler had come to power, in the united states where revolution was in the air, and in other parts of europe and in britain, too, where the intellectual class was rapidly moving to the left. he felt he had an answer that was superior to marx as to analyzing capitalism's discomforts, an answer that was not only superior, but much more congenial to him for handling it. john maynard keynes is a truly memorable figure of the 20th century. he married a ballerina, ran an insurance business, and wrote a treatise on mathematical probability. but first and foremost, he was a teacher. the imagination he showed made... his ability to associate something he found interesting with something that had been said that by itself was uninteresting... it just stood out. you were in semishock listening to him. i was also impressed by the support and warmth he gave students. for all his brilliance, keynes was a realist and one deeply concerned about the effects of economic theory on everyday life. seeing the world as it was, keynes argued that the depression
Al Jazeera America
Sep 24, 2013 2:00am EDT
new information that somalis living in america and britain may have played a role in the attack that left dozens dead. >> president obama set to address the united nations general assembly this morning as world leaders gather in new york city. at the top of the agenda - deal with the crisis in syria, and the possibility of improving relations with iran. the >> the new president of iran will speak. hassan rouhani has taken a different approach that his predecessor and appears willing to work with the west and indicates iran will not seek nuclear weapons. >> two men in chicago are under arrest accused of the shooting that left 13 wounded, including a 2-year-old boy. >> world leaders are in new york city for the 68th united nations general assembly session. more than 130 heads of state and government will spend the next few days discussing the world's most pressing problems. today president obama and iranian president hassan rouhani will deliver remarks, and there is a possibility that the two leaders will meet, but nothing official so far. it would mark the first meeting between a u.s.
Comedy Central
Sep 5, 2013 9:30am PDT
moral obligation to stop this madman and if britain won't help us, i say (bleep) 'em, from now on english muffins will be called liberty toast because america -- (cheers and applause) -- america, this land is my land and your land and america does not back down on the face of tyranny. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice a penny save sad horse to water whose colors do not run! may god bless the united states of america! wango tango! (cheers and applause) bottom line, will barack obama stack up and start spelling this war right? only time will tell and so will my guest. please welcome pulitzer prize winning writer for the "new yorker" and dean of the columbia school of journalism steve coll, steve thank you so much for joining us. good to see you again. steve, you gotten a article in the new new yorker here called "crossing the line" right? steve, help me out with something here. i never thought i'd say this but i'm not sure if i want america to get into another war with the middle eastern country with no clear objective. and i know that sounds ugly to say. why don't i want to
Al Jazeera America
Sep 9, 2013 5:00am EDT
here in great britain who are the second largest donor. so we don't come to this with a sense that all we care about is some kind of a military response. we come to this with years now of effort, literally years of effort, to try to bring the parties to the table and create some kind of political solution because that remains our top priority. i -- our respected leaders made it clear in st. petersburg that we believe a strong international response is necessary to ensure that atrocitys like the one that assad committed against hundreds of his own people are not going to happen again. and our special relationship with the uk is not just about syria, it's not just about a response to this humanitarian crisis, it's also about the future and climate change and economic prosperity for all of our people. we are not only -- we are both committed to try to move forward on a trade relationship, to grow jobs for our people. and we are not only each other's largest investors in each of our countries, one to the other, but the fact is that everyday almost 1 million people go to work in america
Sep 8, 2013 3:30pm PDT
stopping in london where the parliament has already rejected britain's request for approval to join a u.s.-led strike force. then russia is home to rejoin the lobbying effort with congress. carl? >> andrea, thanks. >>> now on to other news, including the latest on the huge wildfire still burning in california. near yosemite national park. an army of firefighters remains on the front lines and the costs of battling it and the damage are soaring. a report tonight from nbc's michelle franzen. >> thousands of firefighters are still battling california's third largest wildfire in history. while the rim fire near yosemite national park is 80% contained tonight, the cost of battling the blaze remains out of control. so far, more than $89 million. a tab experts say that could be tens of millions more beyond extinguishing the fire. today, a first look by the federal team in charge of assessing and repairing the damage. >> we're concerned about the infrastructure. on the national forests, the campgrounds, our roads, this stacks up as one of the worst. >> the blaze has already charred nearly 4
Sep 27, 2013 12:00am PDT
may bomb described as right wing or military. >> rose: the foreign secretary of great britain and the prime minister of japan when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> we have to take this proposal seriously and we have to test it. if the syrian regime verifiably gave up its chemical weapons stockpiles, this would obviously be a major step forward. >> rose: william hague is the british foreign secretary and a close ally of david cameron. today he represented the united kingdom between iran and the five plus one nations. it was also attended by john kerry. it represented the highest level face to face meeting between iran and the united states or n more than three decades. also on the agenda of the minister this week is syria. diplomatic negotiations are taking place at the united nations security council to dismass turnpike it will syrian regime's chemical weapons. i'm pleased to have the foreign secretary back at this table. welcome. >> rose: >> thank you very much indeed. pleasure to be here. >> rose: th
FOX News
Sep 9, 2013 12:00pm PDT
? >> britain's prince andrew, reportedly ordered to put his hands -- they made him put his hands up at the palace. they adapt know who we was. fifth in line for the throne. after police mistook him for an intruder in buckingham palace. >> first, at 3:00 in new york city, if syria will only give up control of its chemical weapons stockpile it would be an important step. that's from the former secretary of state hillary clinton, speaking just moments ago. she said she discussed the cries in syria with the president, and developing right now, there's this new russian proposal, for russia to have syria hand over its chemical weapons to international control. but u.s. officials say they're skeptical that any such deal would happen. former secretary of state clinton along with one official, after another, continued to make the president's case for a strike. syria's president is warning the ute against a military strike and saying the united states would pay the price. the syrian leader's threats come just as president obama begins a push to sell a strike on syria to the american people. the pres
Sep 15, 2013 9:00am EDT
states and britain. in 1940, the fate of the world hung on the united states. and that summer, republicans and democrats would hold their convention in preparation for the november presidential election. so what are conventions? conventions are about dance playing for the delegates parading through the isles of the supporters cheering of politicians speechifying. but if both of the conventions to place in the summer of 1940, there was an elephant in the hall. not the republican elephant, but the nazi outfit. there was an uninvited guest in his name was adolf hitler. the question on everyone's minds is whether fdr wanted the party nomination again in 1940. and he refused to give a clear answer. mr. president, would you tell us that if you accept the third term one reporter asked him point-blank. put on a dunce cap and go stand in the corner fdr replied with a laugh. not even the members of his own family knew what his real intentions were. of course one question was whether fdr deserved another four years in the white house. his attorney general, robert jackson was convinced th
Sep 1, 2013 11:00am PDT
lot of interest. i mean, for starters we don't like being on the opposite side with great britain. we have a special relationship with that country. throughout the cold war it was always united states and britain working in lock-step with only a few deviations. the fact the british parliament rejected going into syria with us i think had to be very sobering to the president. he did not seem to have a nato coalition or u.n. coalition and at home he was getting sniper fire from both liberals of his own party and conservative republicans hence he decided the best thing to do is go with what he said his entire life that military action should be approved by congress first, hence, he's kind of found his authentic stride right now. >> so he's being consistent in that message. might it had been a big concern for the president to say how hypocritical it would have been if he said i'm going to go ahead and use this executive order and make this decision and bypass congress all together, given when he was senator, he voted against and is on record as voting against the iraq war? >> it would hav
Sep 26, 2013 11:00pm EDT
the united states in britain or any of that? those questions being raised about whatever happened to the special relationship? >> rose: well, that's very muffin there and indeed we've had good conversations, i had with secretary kerry, the prime minister had with president obama straight after that vote. i think a vibrant democracy is well respected in america. it should not be taken as meaning and it does not mean that britain isn't active and ready to do what is necessary in a whole range of situations in the world. we're doing that all the time. we're there in afghanistan now. >> rose: could the prime minister have acted without a vote in the parliament? >> we don't have in our unwritten constitution strict legal rules about this. we do have the convention that if there is time to ask parliament to take military action the that we go to parliament. that doesn't mean that if we have to fulfill treaty obligations to nato, to go to the aid of an ally under attack but if we are the subject of a surprise attack it doesn't mean we don't have to ask parliament first. there's one importan
Sep 26, 2013 2:00pm PDT
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Sep 4, 2013 7:00pm PDT
letter just right before the debate today. he sent a similar one to britain. an appeal by the syrian government to try to stop the support for any potential military strike. >> as lucy just mentioned, after the u.k. and ahead of the u.s., it was france's turn to debate whether or not there should be punitive action against syria, but there was no vote. the prime minister said using chemical weapons cannot go unpunished. >> faced with this barbarity, doing nothing is not an option. not for france, at any rate. not reacting means allowing bashar al-assad to go on with his atrocities, and it will encourage the proliferation and use of weapons of mass destruction. it means abandoning syria and the entire region to chaos. france, with its partners, will assume its responsibility. that is its honor and its duty. [applause] >> after that speech, a speaker from the opposition party demanded a longer debate and a vote, saying it was wrong not to have one when there is no u.n. mandate or military action against the syrian regime. >> if there is no u.n. mandate, france's president cannot take s
Sep 4, 2013 10:00am EDT
it needs. >> of course i will be taking an action because britain has a proud record on humanitarian aid, not just in this conflict, but in many previous conflicts. we are the second largest aid donor there is. we have spent over 400 million pounds. it is very important the g 20 to make a number of points clear, absolute repulsion abuse of chemical weapons, our desire for peace process, but above all, getting donor countries together and making sure we do everything we can that they live up to the responsibilities and we do everything we can to help the syrian people in their hour of need. >> mr. speaker, the civil war in syria and the refugee crisis are having profound consequences not just in that country, but across the middle east, specifically in ,ordan and turkey, iraq especially in lebanon where the population is up by 25% since the civil war began. what specific support the on the wealth and humanitarian assistance that his government is providing in britain give to these countries to help deal with the burden on infrastructure, their economy, and their [indiscernible] having
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Sep 3, 2013 8:00pm PDT
protect the innocent if we can. great britain may not have the will to do that anymore but we americans should set a better example for the world. if we don't, if we don't, we will slowly lose the know bill tea that was gained by past sacrifice. unfortunately, in this world, justice can be imposed by one people only. us. to whom much is given, much is expected. and that's the memo. now nor the top story reaction, joining us, senator john mccain. all right, senator, i've got a lot of questions for you. a lot of people are skeptical about the gas situation. putin o putin on saturday said he doesn't believe that gas was used. can you convince us tonight? >> yes, i can. it's absolutely true. the evidence is in, the tests have been taken. you can't look at bodies stacked up like that with no visible marks on them. by the way, you may not know this. the people who went in and took those horrible videos that shocked us all, they died, too. >> but there is a contention that it's set up by the rebels who want assad punished by the usa, want to give usa inside that kousht's activities,
Sep 26, 2013 12:00pm EDT
forces that are going up. for instance in britain. >> rose: france. >> britain, the party that speaks about independence of britain meaning by independence britain leaving the european union. in greece, there's an extreme -- and also very much on the left some very aggressive forces against european union. and in france we have the traditional nationale. one important thing is that happened also before the crises. let's not forget that. to a large extent, the reason for these forces is anti-migration reflex. now they smack against europe but the subtext if i may say so. >> rose: that's jobs isn't it. >> that's why as you know in times of crises, in times of unemployment, it's normal that extreme forces i think probably the united states things happen, extreme forces go up because of course they can manipulate the anguish, anxiety of people. and they come with a populist particular simplistic demonstrate gnawingic message. but i really believe that by far the mainstream moderates forces from the center-right will dominate the -- foreseeable future. >> rose: when the history's written,
Sep 1, 2013 1:30am EDT
of america but the modern era from great britain in the shows how active and influential this spirit has been in the making of the modern mind. >> host: one other piece, the federalist, you describe it as the masterpiece of american political fault? >> guest: originally it is 85 newspaper articles the brain trauma of alexander hamilton shortly after the philadelphia convention 1787 had concluded with a proposal of a new constitution, hamilton said it will be sent to the states for ratification and it would be a close battle he listed madison and john jay to write a series of newspaper articles with practical intervention to persuade voters of the york to ratify the new document to come up with the new constitution. the federalist had a practical aim to win ratification, each one appeared in the new york newspapers. but at the same time time, hamilton of -- they clearly thought part of persuading their fellow citizens to ratify the constitution involved helping them to understand the concept and put into practice universal practice of self government so looking to persuade thei
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